11 January 2012

Skewed Motherfuckin' Perspective & Sliding Doors

A conversation today between Will and I about celebrating my birthday last night:

"I'm a bit flabbergasted. He organized my birthday dinner out at Ariccia with everyone, bought me a cake, had them turn out the lights when they brought it in, surprised me with two lovely gifts and told our other friends who my favorite author is and how much I love reading. And he's taking me out of town for mini-holiday next week. He's spoiling me rotten."

"Honey, I don't know how to say this without being really horrible about it."

"Oh just say it. You're not going to offend me."

"Well honey, that's what boyfriends in normal relationships do. And he's obviously crazy about you."

"I am so fucked up, aren't I?"

"Just a bit, sweetie. I can't believe you were with that, that..."*purses lips*

"Shithead?" *grin*

"Yes. I can't believe you wasted so much time on him."

A sentiment with which I can well agree, but on the other hand, had things gone differently I might not have ever met Mon Amore né Ma Liason. Hence the reference to a tempid Gwyneth Paltrow flick in the title...

The promised updates shall arrive soon, cari amichi. No, really. Now that the hols are over (and yes, I count my birthday as a motherfuckin' holiday, yo) I plan to get this post backlog finished up and make good with my resolution of blogging more often.

I'm also trying to quit smoking, so my whacked out theory is that since I don't smoke in front of my computer, keeping my hands busy at the keyboard will help.

Will and Olive are also quitting smoking, so it's gonna be Bitch City 'round these here parts for a while... :D

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