23 January 2012

Muscial Interlude

Been humming this to myself all weekend. I blame it on (in no particular order)
  • the BF's hot calico 3 day beard scruff
  • him stopping a car theft and then emergency babysitting so his friend could take his sick wife to the ER, all in the same night
  • a rousting political argument which ended up with him asking
    "We've never fought in almost a year and now you're getting mad at me over the crisis?"
    "I'm not mad, I'm just really irritated." 1
  • him lounging on my bed shirtless while messing around on his iPhone, beard scruffy and wearing his new eyeglasses and that happy trail leading straight to the seatbelt buckle belt that makes a lovely little metallic *snikt* clank when you open it 2

I'm a "little bit to the left" like water is a little bit wet. 
Am getting a bit Pavlov's dog about that belt buckle. I hear that sound and my pink bits automagically turn into a Brazilian Rain Forest: hot, humid and extremely damp.

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