13 February 2012

That which does not kill you...

...makes you sicker? Seriously I can't recall a winter where I have gotten sick so often. Reading around, apparently the cause might be that I am trying to kick the cancer sticks. Supposedly while the nicotine kills you, it also kills off a bunch of other little nasties hanging around. Supposedly. Last week I started getting a fever Sunday night, which lasted for about 48 hours off and on. Tuesday night the BF came over to play nurse and we watched Benvenuto al Sud. During a shot of the sun setting on the Gulf of Napoli, he turned to me and said
"When my brother and I were young we used to look at the horizon and tell each other 'Over there is America.' Even then I knew where to look for you."
"But that's the Mediterranean, not the Atlantic. Over there is Africa."
Between paroxysms of laughter he managed to gasp out
"Thanks, love. You just killed the dreams of a 6 year old boy."
Sometimes I am the most unromantic literalist on the planet.

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