19 May 2012

Knocked Up - What my other half has said

"If it's a boy we can call it Clark and if it's a girl we can call it Lois."
- With this phrase, Mon Amour managed to cut through my initial panic after seeing the double line positive on the pee stick. He has a slight obsession with Superman. I started laughing so hard through the snot and tears that I got the hiccoughs.

"I thought you might be pregnant. You've become more beautiful to me in the past few weeks."
- Same conversation. Awwwww. Yes, I started crying again.

"September next year we can get you pregnant again."
- Out of the blue, Mon Amour proclaims his future plans for providing Peanut a sibling.

"Brandon. Brenda if it's a girl."
"Kelly? Dillon? Luke? Jenny?"
"I am not naming our child after a 90210 character."
"As in....?"
"Kill Bill"
"Bill is short for William. And no."
"Who is Mitch?"
"Over my dead body am I naming our child after a David Hasselhoff character."
"So I guess no Kitt either, eh?"
"Good guess."
"James. Like James T. Kirk."
"It's Tiberius. Hmmm. Tiberius Italo {lastname}?"
"Tiberius James. we could call him T.J."
"And for a girl? What about Isabella?"
"Is-a or Is-o?"
"Is-a. Isobel is Spanish I think."
"I like it."
"Hmmm. Maybe not, though. There's got to be sixty zillion Isabella's thanks to the stupid Twilight franchise. What about Esmerelda?"
"Ruby. Silvio."
"Fuck. No."

- Mon Amour has begun mining his vast encyclopedic knowledge of TV shows and movies for American baby names in the past few days. I have a more literary bent, but am being all superstitious n' shit until we get the amnio results back.

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