28 May 2012

Watch your users run screaming from your site.

I have a client who has suddenly become a web expert and whose latest request is to add three (THREE!!!) pop-up windows to highlight special deals.

Never mind that even motherfucking Internet Explorer now ships with its pop-up blocker enabled.

Never mind that mobile devices by and by large don't even support pop-up windows.

Never mind that it's a now well known given that pop-up windows annoy the fuck out of your users and the vast majority will only click on them to close them.

Never mind that I have shown you the most clicked on areas of your homepage and they certainly weren't the shit-ass in-house graphics (that I've had to correct your English on) you have sent to me to be placed where you designate on the page, in spite of my advice on the subject.

To hell with accessibility. Actually I don't even think they know or care what that means or why it's important, despite my attempts to explain.

What the fuck rock have you been living under that you've suddenly decided to ignore (again) my advice about how to increase your slumping online sales with a more user friendly, cleaner redesign and instead slap one of the most annoying, proven-to-drive-away-potential-clients-in-droves advertising tactics held over from the early Noughties?!

I could even get around this shit request by sticking it in a modal dialog if it was just one pop-up. But THREE?!?!?!?! ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!

That rhythmic sound you hear is my head repeatedly smack my desk...

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