11 August 2012

Knocked Up - Third Trimester Tidbits

Subtitle: Heartburn and Cankles and Fatigue Oh My

Yeah, all of the above. The only thing that seems to kill the heartburn is a teaspoon of baking soda in a large glass of water. Which I use as a last resort because the sodium content means that the cankles reappear for the next few days. And I get random bouts of "Gonna sleep right here. Now. Keyboard makes a great pillow." though it's not quite as bad as the first trimester.

On the plus side, I am not nearly as constipated as I was for the first two trimesters. Woot. I still do the "Took a dump and I feel 20 lbs lighter" Happy Dance though. You would too if you just spent 6 months clogged up like a drain pipe on the Draino commercials...

Mon Amour keeps boggling at my ever expanding belly.

"Did you just eat lunch?"
"No, your daughter just keeps growing."

And *snigger* he's put on some sympathy pregnancy weight. And I fully admit that I giggle every time he pulls on a pair of jeans and comments that they are snug.

I like them snug *wink wink*. Besides, he was just this side of Too Skinny before, and I would cop the blame for it.

"He's lost weight. You two need to shag less, you're sucking him dry."

Cue my massive eye roll. Like I would force him to toss me from one side of the bed to the other until 5am...

Still stroller/car seat researching. Though I have been informed by a friend of ours that here it is considered bad luck to buy the stroller before Peanut is born. Apparently Mon Amour has to go buy the stroller I pick out while Peanut and I chill in the maternity ward.


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