05 August 2012

Knocked Up - Oh HELL to the No

The reaction above is brought on by the theme of carseats in Italy. Sit down, my dear Anglo-Saxon readers, because this is gonna get ugly.

Apparently the prevailing universal wisdom in Italy is that for newborns up until about 3 months old, they should be transported in the cars in the so-called navicella. This is a navicella:

Gonna  say it again: OH HELL TO THE NO.

Apparently the thought process is that newborns should lie flat for proper bone and muscle development. Which, ok I sort of follow you there,even if I am rolling my eyes juuuuuust a bit over the "If they aren't flat they'll develop scoliosis and other deformities" hysteria. Me and my other four siblings, plus a large majority of our respective generations have developed just fine, thanks.

But when you try to tell me that a dinky ass midsection strap and a head cushion in what essentially is a basket strapped in perpendicularly to the travelling direction of the car is how an infant should be transported in a car, well, um, FUCK NO.

I've had to explain this to Mon Amour, as well as explain that in his much vaunted US of A, bassinets are no way in hell allowed for transporting newborns in a motor vehicle and that they wouldn't even let you go home from the hospital without a proper car seat.

Mon Amour, being all nervous and anxious, tried the "but they're so fragile" explanation to which I had to gently tell him that newborns are less fragile than you think and even if they are fragile, a harness seat would logically protect an infant better than a fucking basket. (I left out the expletives when explaining, though.)

So he's agreed for a proper car seat, but then asked "With all this stuff, where are you going to sit?"


His line of thinking was car seat, plus the bassinet that snaps into the stroller, plus the actual stroller. Because everyone using a bassinet (especially his brother & sister-in-law) is his frame of reference.

Oh lordy.

I explained to him that those bassinets are a waste of money because you really only use them for a few months. Not to mention they are fucking heavy. A good stroller with a reclining back is just fine.

He's less convinced on this aspect. And even joked around about how everyone has them and he doesn't want Peanut to get a complex.

That's so cute of him. This stroller thing is something we'll have to work on...

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