24 October 2012

Knocked Up: MOTHERFUCK Part II

So having got home last night anticipating a long sleepless night waiting for the contractions to become regular and 5 minutes apart (which, had they done the monitoring in the car, we'd have been peachy), I had a bath in our half tub which helped the back pain. If we had a full size tub, I might have fallen asleep. Next pregnancy: totally going for the water birth because contractions hurt way less...

We headed back to the hospital around 22h because the contractions were stronger and frequent and I was also spotting some pink. Just to make sure we weren't going to get sent home again, Mon Amour called our friend who is an anestistiologist at the clinic to confirm, yes we should head back.

We get there and in the very very short walk from the car to night entrance, I have 3 mega strong contractions.

Our friend has called ahead, as we are greeted with jocular cries of " VIP" and "raccomandati". We are admitted and I change into pj's and a robe. The lady I share the room with has had a boy via cesarean an hour prior, after a full 24 hours in labor. Mon Amour stays withe and rubs my back and gets all anxious since I'm so tired already but can't sleep with the contractions. They kick him out around 2am since he apparently wasn't supposed to stay in the recovery room with me - only in the delivery room.

And here I still am, more than 17 hours from when we were first admitted with the first stage of labour progressing slooooooowly. I doze between contractions. And I don't get the drugs until I've hit the more (oh yay) painful second stage.

What patron saint do I need to sacrifice a few virgins to in order that my water might break....?!

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