23 October 2012


So called home Mon Amour because I was starting to get honest to god contractions. As he was on his way, they started to get frequent, more or less 5 minutes apart. We were going to wait for a bit, but I thought I had a trickle of amniotic fluid so we made our way to the hospital.

In the car the contractions seemed together stronger and more frequentt. Get into the hospital where I was examined by a very nice gay OB - everything was still all closed up. They hooked me up to the fetal monitoring machine then checked my amniotic fluid.

Long and the short of it is they sent us back home because my contractions aren't regular enough.

So am sitting on the couch (on a towel), having contractions and already exhausted from lack of sleep last night.

Peanut, when you decide to stop puttering around, Mommy is going for the drugs.

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