25 April 2013

SOS Moda

We're having Peanut's baptism at the beginning of June so walking around the center today I decided to duck into a few stores to take advantage of the air-conditioning (Peanut was looking sweaty while napping in her stroller) and do some preliminary dress shopping for the baptism.

I realized that I have no freaking idea what goes on my body anymore. With the remnants of baby weight still hanging around and an enormous rack from continuing to breastfeed, I haven't the foggiest vis-a-vis what size I am or what silhouettes I should be looking at.

Even if I find something that looks like it might be forgivingly flattering, most of the time it's a no go because the neckline is not forgiving enough for hauling out a tit and nursing.

I ended up getting a plain v-neck t-shirt for me and an adorable outfit for Peanut from Gap. God bless their large dressing rooms that can accommodate a stroller; I totally gave Peanut a boob session while I was in there.

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