04 May 2013

Stir Crazy

We are on day 4 of Peanut having a yo-yoing fever with some mild gastrointestinal issues and the lack of sleep on my part is starting to make me climb the walls a bit. I'm also fantasizing about cloning myself, seeing as I'm behind on work, the house is a mess, and the aforementioned lack of sleep (her appetite is down, so I keep waking up soaked to the waist with exploding boobage.) And all I really want to do is mindlessly wander around the center with my brain turned off and soak up the spring sun.

I'm hoping she'll be better in time for a planned picnic on Tuesday...I just Mommy Jinxed myself, didn't I?

Poor Peanut is a bit traumatized at this point; the paracetamol drops made her puke so we've had to resort to the suppositories.  Between taking her temperature rectally and then shoving the suppository up her butt, she now gets upset when I merely begin change her diaper because she thinks Daddy or I are going to stick something up her butt again. My baby has buns of steel, let me tell you.She'll clench like her life depends on it and ain't nuthin' getting up in those parts until I pick her up and calm her down some.

I am going to tease her when she's older though, about the time she fell asleep with my finger up her butt...

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