15 June 2013

Everyday I'm Shufflin'

Peanut is officially mobile. She's been hauling herself up to standing while in her crib for a while now, necessitating that we always pull up the side of the crib lest she go ass over tits over the side of it. That's bigger deal than it sounds because Mamma is a midget and the crib side requires two hands and some maneuvering to lower it. When she's fallen asleep on the boob, if I've forgotten to lower the side previously, I can't put her in the crib without waking her up.

Homegirl is fixated with standing. Holding on to our fingers, she loves to make Baby Hulk steps on those chubby legs of hers. Whenever she does this, Mon Amour and I are both struck by just how tiny she still is; she's almost 8 months now and wants to be 18 years old like, now guys.

She got the hang of crawling forward last week, at 10pm. And was wired crawling around our bed until midnight. Whee, new skill power up! A few nights later I laughed my ass off because she started squalling and I found her crawling around her crib with her eyes still closed.She got even a few days after that by making Mon Amour and I both dive for her as she tried to crawl off the edge of the couch to get the keys she dropped.

Now that's she figured out getting from point A to point B, she tries to pull herself up on everything. This gives Mamma heart palpitations because we have the marble/terracotta tile floors that are so ubiquitous in Italy. She pulls herself up and then lets go. Aieeeeeee!!!

My daughter is an 8 moth old Evel Knievel, people.

We got her a baby walker; it's a space ship and, like 90% of children's toys today, makes various noises and songs when you push the buttons. I keep wishing it would play Englishman in New York or Starman or Intergalactic instead of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star


  1. Drop side cribs are banned in the US, as there have been multiple deaths from them dropping and strangling kids. Might want to look into one with fixed sides. My 2mo old boy has a convertable crib that is fixed sides, but converts to a toddler bed, day bed, and eventually adult twin bed, so he could be in his crib until he leaves for college!

  2. Ja, I saw that on various websites while preggo. Was a surprise for me since my youngest siblings, who are about a decade and 2 decades younger than me, still had them.

    Our crib was given to us by some friends and boy howdy did I go over it with a fine toothed comb. It's very, very sturdy. I can't lower the side without kneeling down and using both hands to pull the lowering mechanisms on each side. It also turns into a toddler bed for later on.

    The US ban seems to stem from increasingly lower quality of construction; so far there's no such ban here in the EU.

  3. And congrats on your wee one!