17 July 2013


Mon Amour: "She's such a great mom that I want to have 11 more babies with her."
Friend: " Woah you're serious."
Me:  "Yeah I told him if that's what he wants then he better start impregnating me with two at a time."
Wedding time nears and I have not managed to convince Mon Amour to elope. Which means we gots to plan this fucker. The invites are ordered at least. Models for our rings are being made. They will have my fingerprint on his and vice versa. I though about putting Peanut's on there as well, but if we have more kids, then we'd have to remake the rings every time.

Also I've found a dress that in theory I live (Internet shopping!) but I can't bring myself to spend a couple thou on a dress I'll wear once. I'm thus toying with going the DIY route, which will be much in line with the rest of this lil' shindig.
Started doing some part time work back in the tourism sector. Should be good for some yucks here on the blog. Peanut and Mon Amor are adjusting - the former has a bit of separation anxiety and well, so does the latter. He's so concerned that he's not doing it right or that he's not up to par. It heart wrenchingly cute. As I keep telling him, he's a fantastic daddy and well above the average dude when it comes to performing his daddy duties.

Ditto for the husbandly duties as well ;)

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