11 August 2013

Peanut Sprouts

Peanut continues to evolve from tiny immobile lump of cute into a tiny little cute person. She took her first unassisted step with Daddy while I was at work and I wanted to howl at missing it. She wants to walk all the time, dragging us by the fingers to her desired end point. About half the times she'll let go of one finger, which has potential for hilarity as there's a good chance she'll wind up going in circles around herself.

If she deems mom and dad aren't going fast enough for her tastes, she'll drop to her butt and scarper along on all fours. We're pretty sure she'll be being our rings down the aisle come October. Knowing Peanut though, I'm guessing there's a 50% chance that she'll decide that she wants to go see Interesting Thing Over There instead of tottering towards mom and dad.

The precocious walking is offset by her stubbornness of not wanting more than a bite or two of solid foods. Homegirl prefers Boob Juice, which has been causing Mon Amour to despair that he's not a good enough Daddy while he's been taking on the child care when I'm at work. Though I kept telling him not to worry, she'll eat when she's hungry, it took our pediatrician telling him the same before he even halfway believed it. I have the batshit in laws to thank for that, since they were spelling doom and gloom and stoking his fears. 

But after a bout of possible scarlet fever, (which had Mon Amour almost in tears at the pediatrician's office as a culmination of all of the aforementioned food avoidance and where I found out about the meddling of the in-laws) she seems to have rounded a corner and will now gum various foodstuffs and wants tastes of what mom and dad are eating.


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