31 August 2013


Miss Peanut Polpetta Monkey Butt the First took 5 steps in a row and decided she was ready to run. She launches her chubby little body into thin air, pistoning her wee little proscuitto legs and pushing off the tips of her toes so she can get to Daddy, to Mom's boob, to the stale piece of yesterday's pizetta that I missed just under the couch.

Woe if you are not there to catch her mid launch. Ditto if you don't make it in time to catch her as she attempts to plow through whatever obstacle lies in her path.

She will hold on to one of our fingers and run in half circles for hours. I have a vauge sensation of being a combo human Maypole & doggy run.

Mon Amour and I are doing our fair share of running as well. Two months till the wedding, so it's time to get our ducks in a row. Found our recption spot the other day, now we have to organize the actual party and logistics of.


We looked at each other the other day and I replied to what was clearly written on his face.

"I told you we should have eloped."
"I know. And in a sense you were right, but I want to give you this day in front of everybody."
"You mean give us. This is our day to celebrate; we've had the discussion where I told you I am not down with this whole Bridzilla GRAR THIS IS MY DAY bullshit."
"Ja ja I know. I just want to see you walking down to aisle to me in a white dress."


Fuck the wedding. This marriage is awesome.

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