03 September 2013

Hell is Other Mothers

Subtitle: I am a bitch.

The other day I was in the neighborhood grocery store with Peanut in her stroller, getting some necessary supplies before the evening cranky set in. It's not a very big store and the dinky produce section at the entrance has juuuuuust enough space for the stroller to pass. As I am picking out some carrots, in come a woman and her friend, the latter who is also pushing a stroller. There hover over the tomatoes, blocking my forward progress, so I wait for them to go about their business. The non-Mom sees me and moves on to the next item on her list. The Other Mom with a Stroller moves her stroller directly into my path. 

My eye roll was epic as I back both the stroller and the shopping cart to exit out the other end to make room for her and so I can get to the scales and weigh my carrots. Seriously, just how dumb are some people?

Carrots weighed, I peruse the apples near the scales where there is slightly more room. Up comes Other Mom with a Stroller. She leans down next to her baby, who seems a bit older than Peanut, and says "See the baby. Can you say Hi to the baby?"

Oof. So you were just trying to have your baby say hi to mine. Whoops. Don't I feel like a heel now.

No, wait. You blocked my path so your precious offspring could practice waving at my kid? Like maybe I have all the time in the world and have nothing better to do than make fwiendsy-wendsies over the Gala apples?


Seriously, just how dumb are some people?

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