13 October 2003

How Am I Supposed to Start a Lucrative Career as a CamWhore if my Free Hosting goes *blork*?

So the free hosting service I was using has discontinued PHP support. Broken blogs make the Baby Jeebus cry, so here we are at temporary digs until I can:

a) Find enough time to find a cheap host that fits my needs (not just blog related)
b) Find someone who owns a credit card so I can pay for it and a real domain name as I do not own plastic.

This might just get me off my ass on doing a redesign, though. Maybe.

Give me some incentive punks.

Right. So obviously old entries are stuck on a database backup languishing on my computer and are therefore unavailable. If you came here while googling for:

  • penis itch
  • female itch
  • groin itch
  • anal itch
  • girl kissing nude
  • non nude girl kissing
  • green guy porn

you're shit out of luck for now.

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