13 September 2005

Seeso e la Città Eterna - My Life Is a Sitcom

we in the apartment are fortunate to have SKY TV (satellite cable to you N. American folks). Despite this fact, Italy in general is still behind the states in terms of what programs it's airing & which seasons (notable exception being Desperate Houswives...we're only a few episodes behind. Thank god. I ♥ Eva. & co.)

Will & Grace is a program I had heard of, but never seen until SKY TV. Curly & I are hooked, probably because it's the sitcom version of us. Well, minus that whole "Curly is gay" thing. anyways...

Boys & girls, I have often facetiously compared my life to a soap opera or sitcom at times. Tonight's episode of Will & Grace took the fucking cake.

(& I swear to you I haven't downloaded episodes via Internet. Half the fun of *big booming voice* "SEASON CLIFFHANGERS" or "SWEEPS WEEK" is watching on your own boob tube in real time. Besides which I don't download that shit at work.)

It was this episode, folks. I'll excerpt it here for those of you who don't want to read through a script.


NATHAN: Sweetie!

GRACE: Oh, baby!

NATHAN: Oh, Grace! Marry me!

Yes boys & girls, my life is a fucking sitcom.

I would sue for copyrights or infringement or whatever bullshit the lawyer could cook up, but the fact is that:

A) SO watches Will & Grace only while we're at my place (which ain't often)
B) this episode's original airdate is 11/1/2001 (which is either November 1st or January 11th 2001. If it's the latter I just might have to kill myself as that would be the day after my birthday P.R.A.1 Post Relationship Armageddon 1. The cause of death would read "Self Inflicted Irony Wound")

You don't want to know how many cigarettes i've smoked tonight.

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